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There are around 1,100 trees in our olive groves, which produce about 3,000 litres of oil per year. The cultivars, or typologies, of these trees are: Frantoiano 50%, Leccino 40% and Pendolino 10%.

This particular combination of olives produces an oil with a very balanced taste, which is suitable for all types of dishes and also is good for young children, when served in the right quantities. Its delicacy and natural qualities also makes it perfect for topical dermatological use.

In order to achieve this, the period chosen to harvest the olives is particularly important.
The harvest must start when the olives first begin to ripen and change colour, so that their skin becomes dark but the pulp still has a light hue.

At this moment there is a particularly strong concentration of polyphenols in the fruit (technically known as a drupe), which impart to our oil a delicate scent of fresh grass and a slightly spicy and bitter taste with a subtle aftertaste of artichoke.

In addition to being typical of the most excellent extra-virgin olive oil, polyphenols are very potent natural antioxidants: anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory substances that are essential for our nutritional health and therefore important for our fundamental well-being.

227 extra-virgin olive oil is extracted directly from our olives by mechanical and non-chemical methods.

Natural olive oil of excellent quality

In this video Alessandro Tincani – the technician of Podere Manni – explains the cultivation technique with the use of 100% natural Kaolin.

Kaolin (also known as china clay) is a naturally occurring rock, which has multiple benefits when it is made into a powder, dissolved in water and sprayed onto the leafy canopy of the trees. It forms a thin white layer that reflects bright sunlight, thereby protecting the leaves from excessive exposure to the sun.

In addition it is an effective alternative to copper in preventing the fungal and bacterial diseases that can affect olive trees.

The protective layer film also prevents parasitic insects from laying their eggs on the olives.

The OL.MA. olive oil mill - where our oil is extracted

The machines for cold pressing at a constant temperature are used in accordance with a new processing method which does not negatively affect the quality of the olives. During the extraction phase, this quality is guaranteed by advanced technology and by the expert technicians who constantly supervise the production process.

The technological means used by OL.MA. are a harmonious continuation of the most ancient olive pressing traditions, which maintain and enhance the special qualities of a final product that is recognized and enjoyed all over the world.

All the members of the olive-pressing consortium that use the OL.MA. facilities receive the same professional services and each batch is pressed separately, with the use of a computerized system to ensure the complete traceability of the oil at each step of the production process. Thus the oil of each member of the consortium cannot be mixed up or confused with that of another. This high level of traceability gives the product an added value. The individual data is treated confidentially, in compliance with Italian privacy regulations.

The oil mill is located on the Strada del Madonnino, near Braccagni, about 8 km north of the city of Grosseto.

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Do you want to know when the next batch of oil will be ready?

    How to store extra-virgin olive oil:

    Over time, olive oil inevitably oxidizes, a process which leads to its progressive aging, with a reduction in its healthy properties, as well as affecting its taste and aroma.
    In order to enjoy the excellent qualities of our oil for as long as possible, some simple but fundamental rules should therefore be followed.

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