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is the special identification number of the land where our olives are grown. Our farm is located in the heart of the Maremma district, which stretches along the coastline of the central Italian region of Tuscany.

This number signifies the official recognition of the ongoing history of our olive-groves and it guarantees the maximum traceability of the entirely artisanal natural olive oil produced by our small-scale family-owned business.

The 227 Oil is a limited-edition product made by the Podere Manni company using only olives from our own land, with which we have an exclusive and inseparable relationship.

Our olive oil
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Our olive oil

There are 1,100 trees in our olive groves, which produce about 3,000 litres of oil per year. The cultivars, or typologies, of these trees are: Frantoiano 50%, Leccino 40% and Pendolino 10%.

This special combination of olives gives our oil a particularly balanced taste, and it is perfect for enhancing delicate dishes or for making a simple salad a bit more tasty and special.

It is particularly suitable for all types of Mediterranean cuisine and typically Italian dishes, adding delicious nuances and enhancing the flavours, and children can enjoy it from a very early age if it is served in the right amounts.

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Do you want to know when the next batch of oil will be ready?

    Natural olive oil par excellence:

    The 227 extra-virgin olive oil is obtained by mechanical processes directly from the olives and no artificial chemicals are used at any stage of the process.
    Alessandro Tincani, the technician employed by our company, constantly makes sure that we eliminate the use of chemical products in favour of more healthy substances with zero environmental impact, such as 100% natural KAOLIN.

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    Directly to your home

    We sell to private individuals, retailers and purchasing groups or collectives directly from our farm and by shipping our products all over Europe.


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