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How to recognize the best extra-virgin olive oil

Olfactory evaluation
As soon as the oil container is opened, you should smell the scent of freshly cut grass and olives, giving a sensation of clean freshness.
Pour some oil into a small glass, hold it with one hand to warm it up and cover it with the other hand, so as to retain its aroma inside the glass. Gently move the glass to let the oil circulate inside it.
When it is as warm as your hand, uncover the glass and inhale deeply. You should distinctly perceive the previously-described aromas, which can range from quite subtle and delicate to very intense.

Taste evaluation
Take a small sip of oil and keep it inside your mouth. Inhale vigorously with your teeth clenched at least three times, letting the air pass inside your cheeks towards your back teeth.
You should perceive a more or less accentuated combination of bitter and spicy tastes.
This bitter and spicy impression is not a defect, as many people mistakenly believe. Instead it indicates the presence of a high number of polyphenols (antioxidants), which allow the oil to maintain its excellent qualities and to be stored for a long time.

How to preserve the characteristics of olive oil

Over time, olive oil is bound to oxidize and oxidation inevitably leads to progressive aging and a reduction in its health and organoleptic properties.
Therefore, in order to enjoy its qualities for a longer time, you need to follow some small but fundamental rules:

  • Protect it as much as possible from exposure to light
  • Storing it in bottles made of dark glass or stainless steel containers
  • Avoid using transparent glass containers

Preserve oil qualities

Protect it from contact with air and oxygen
If you buy extra-virgin olive oil in a large metal can, after it has been opened it should be poured into smaller containers, to reduce the amount of air between the surface of the oil and the top of the can.

Protect it from sudden changes in temperature
Temperatures that are too low or too high can affect the properties and taste of olive oil.

Protect it from surrounding odours in the air
Always remember to close oil bottles and containers, as olive oil is like a sponge, which absorbs the smells around it.

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